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Sun Art Retail is the largest hypermarket operator in China with 13.7% market share by retail sales value*, as of 31 December 2015. Sun Art Retail‘s hypermarket business operates under two recognized banners – “Auchan” (歐尚) and “RT-Mart” (大潤發). As of 31 December 2015, Sun Art Retail had a nationwide footprint of 409 hypermarket complexes across 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China with a total gross floor area of approximately 11 million square meters. The two premium supermarkets operated by RT-Mart and Auchan under the brand names of “RH Lavia” and “Hi Auchan” are located in Changzhou City and Shanghai City respectively. Sun Art Retail’s nationwide network in China penetrated across first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Beijing, to fifth-tier cities.

The e-commerce business platform of Sun Art Retail: (飛牛網) officially commenced operations on 16 January 2014 and achieved nationwide coverage through its online to offline (“O2O”) program in May 2015. It is a full-line retail e-commerce platform with direct sales business model. In April 2015, Sun Art Retail acquired online grocery store (甫田網) and acquired Xiaohehe (校呵呵), a mobile O2O platform targeting at university campuses in September 2015. In December 2015, the Group has set-up the vertical platform specialized in wines, Auchanwines

*According to Euromonitor